(written for Rev. Justin McCreary’s sermon, “The Devil I Know: Demonic Themes in Spiritual Formation”) The Garden Bountiful had everything we needed– The safest of havens, plotted for us in love Carefree, […]

With summer kicking up, I am reminded of Camp Mercury’s philosophy that growth and learning doesn’t happen while safely contained in bubble wrap. We have to be willing to have […]

Dear Mississippi, how should I begin? As a Unitarian Universalist, I can only speak my own truth, which is informed by a deep relationship with the elements. Water: In heavy rain, […]

Deirdra‏@birdofparadox #YesAllWomen does not mean Yes, All Men. Thank you to the men who get that, and are standing in witness to women’s experiences. I’ve been cooking down my feelings, and […]

BirdOfParadox is a name I’ve used nearly everywhere for fourteen years. While I think it absolutely is relevant to the very nature of my art, I believe it no longer represents […]

never have i been a calm blue sea i have always been a storm — stevie nicks I’ve been quieter than I like to be for a long time. It […]