May 22

Shedding My Skin

BirdOfParadox is a name I’ve used nearly everywhere for fourteen years. While I think it absolutely is relevant to the very nature of my art, I believe it no longer represents All My Parts.

In the spirit of that, I’ll be transferring the BlogOfParadox to another undisclosed location. I’m in no rush to vacate my digital nest: I’m currently working on a few very cool projects while I’m between full-time employment, including

  • unf&$%ing my life with Transmogrifier Rhiannon Llewellyn,
  • editing a dear friend’s book,
  • putting together a complete communications plan for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson for a very interesting year,
  • mulling over going back to school,
  • mulling over whether the time is right to start working on a story I want to tell, and where I’d find an artist who could execute it,
  • catching up on my comics,
  • scheduling daily dance parties with thanks to this playlist based on a forthcoming comic book WHICH YOU SHOULD PRE-ORDER
  • approaching food preparation as The Hot Makeout attack.


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