Jul 5

Trusting the Science

With summer kicking up, I am reminded of Camp Mercury’s philosophy that growth and learning doesn’t happen while safely contained in bubble wrap. We have to be willing to have “skin in the game,” to be willing to fall flat.

I’m a huge comics/sci-fi nerd, and one of the things that always brings me to tears is when the gadgeteers trust their science. When Tony steps out of the window of Stark Tower, he trusts his math, his calculations, his process to save him from Loki, to save him from the NYC sidewalk, to save the world. In the end, it’s his science—his Work, his Self—that gets him though the aftermath of New York, through betrayal, and back to a headspace where he can go home and be a good partner, a good Avenger, and better to himself.

Today, I’m trying to needle around where that surety has gone. Since my job dried up, I feel like I’ve become a bit of a employment-centric dancing bear. I have to work very hard to shove past the tedium, and to manage my expectations when I find a job worth pursuing.

Amidst all of this rudderlessness, I am eating my fears. A month ago, I sucked it up and took my road test. Twenty-five years after I could have had a driver’s license, I finally did it. No one has died. I have not died. It is good, and I am proud.

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  1. You are not a dancing bear, you are a Lazerbear, goddammit! :P

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