Sep 18

Tea Pairings Menu

I went and bought the ingredients for my tea party this Saturday. I’m having a small scale affair, and that’s going to be so much more fun, because it means I can go SCHMANCY.

(I firmly believe that this menu might be reason enough to live in Mississippi and be my friend.)

Tea Pairings Menu

Kaddo Bourani + Oolong Tea
Cucumber-Strawberry w/Marscapone and.or Rose Petal Jam Sandwiches with “Madge Shelton” tea (pink peppercorn, spearmint, black tea and Tudor Red Rose)
Chai creme brulee
Lavender madelines with Earl Greyer (i’m not sticking to this recipe exactly)
(other desserts furnished by friends, including key lime tarts and “chocolate evilitude”)
Grapefruit/Jasmine sorbet with cold-brewed Jasmine Green tea

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