Jan 7

Year of the Well-Tended Garden

My lovely friend Trace names her years, and it’s such a lovely practice, I began doing it, too.

Despite my efforts to simplify my life in 2007 (Year of the Cracked Pot/Wabi-Sabi), my intentions blurred. Life got hectic and stressful, and I didn’t take the time to refocus, despite having numerous tools at my disposal. I indulged in unhealthy habits. I clung to outdated relationships and thoughts. I’m a bit disappointed at my efforts, but I remain undaunted.

I’d initially thought I’d name 2008 The Year of the Bonsai, as I was attracted to the imagery of careful, conscious pruning to enhance beauty and direct the tree’s growth. I decided against it, though: regardless of their honed beauty, Bonsai are stunted, high-maintenance, shallow little creations. I believe Niwaki is the term used to describe the same sort of aesthetic restrictions on full-sized trees, but I am 98% ignorant of all things Japanese, and do not presume to know what I’m talking about (if you do, please be sure to chime in!!!)

This year, Matthew and I are setting our sights on large goals: I’m looking to complete an intense and demanding Yoga Teacher Training program. Matthew has started teaching at the kwoon, and is about to test for his second-degree black belt. We’re looking to grow our small business, as well as give our bodies, home and garden some much-needed attention. My 2008 is committed towards conscious pruning, to accentuate the wonder and joy in my life. I will weed away obstacles (Jai, Ganesha!!) and fertilize to maximize my potential.

I might need a weed whacker in these first few months, though… It’s gotten awfully overgrown!

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