Mar 10

My 35th birthday is bound to scar me, so why not on my own terms?

In my twenties, I was too busy making a mess of my life to become terribly self-aware. I’ve been thinking about 35, and how I keep getting braver, wilder and gutsier as I age.

I will probably have another one of those Birthday, Observed kind of weekends, because it’s likely that weekend will be swamped. One thing is certain, though: It’s been a little over eleven years since I got my first tattoo. I still love it. When I lived in Atlanta, even on the ferry to Clare Island in Ireland, I would run into people with beautiful art and ask where they got it done, and it was always the same artist (Collette at Holy Mother, FYI.) Driving to Atlanta is really expensive and time consuming, especially considering I’d want to be hanging out with people, not sitting in a tattoo parlor. I’ve been sulky and mopey b/c I’ve had a project planned for a while now, but I just couldn’t find a local artist whose work I really liked.

Enter Erica Flannes. I am completely certain she’s my girl for the next project.

So if you’re the sort of person who was contemplating getting me something for my birthday, even an LJ virtual gift, please consider donating to my SuperRadTattooFund. Not only would you be giving me something I really want, a little bit of you will be with me always.

My 35th birthday is May 2nd.

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  3. I tried to donate, but got an error message…

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