Jul 5

Trusting the Science

With summer kicking up, I am reminded of Camp Mercury’s philosophy that growth and learning doesn’t happen while safely contained in bubble wrap. We have to be willing to have “skin in the game,” to be willing to fall flat. I’m a huge comics/sci-fi nerd, and one of the things that always brings me to […]

Sep 12


I’ve gotten a lot of officious people off the street, in my classes, who feel it’s their right and obligation to come up to me and tell me there are WAYS of getting rid of my weight. What I’d rather be rid of was their projected judgment, sanctimony, and amazed wonder.

Dec 8

Deirdra, Shut Up and Write!

A writing seminar would rattle my cage and ruffle this bird’s feathers. If you were considering sending me a Holiday card, or any sort of Yuletide gesture, please consider placing a drop in my bucket instead. Folks who donate have the option of giving me a (non-fiction) writing prompt, which I will fulfill, even if I hate it.

Jun 25

My very first food column!

I haven’t been blogging much, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. My first food column ran yesterday in the Jackson Free Press. It’s called Salad Days: Avoiding Lettuce Burnout, and includes recipes for a deconstructed pesto salad and a cookout-friendly Grilled Caesar. If you’re so inclined, please login and leave feedback!

Jun 24

BtVS vs. Twilight

I’m not big on posting lots of videos, but this one has made my week. It reminds me of all the best about Buffy Summers, and why even a passing glance at Twilight is all, y’know, like GAG ME. Contrasted with Whedon’s Buffy, Edward’s creepiness outshines even his sparkliness. Buffy’s not perfect (one of Whedon’s […]

May 19


I’m taking a break from feeds, blogs, social networking, etc. until my life is less of an oily, hyper-caffeinated ferret (no offense, Mr. Ham).  I’ll be checking email often because my job warrants it, but less regularly than usual. I still need to write up my yoga stuff, but that’s not really blogging. That’s homework. […]

Apr 2

Websense Came To Its Senses!

Since some of you were getting my jewelry site/blog/etc. tagged as “sex,” I wrote Websense directly and asked why. on. earth. my blog (which rightfully refers to a wine-poached pear as sex-ass; and talks occasionally about pro-choice issues in a non-explicit way) got blocked. Thank you for writing to Websense. The sites you submitted are […]

Mar 25

Signs You’ve Become a Complete Food Dork

Jackson got a Fresh Market, and we inspected it yesterday. I’d gotten spoiled by all the Whole Foods locations in Atlanta, and lamented not having access to sashimi grade fish, a bakery with real buttercream, European Butter, fresh mozz, etc. I wandered around in sensory overload, numbed by Easter Egg radishes, blown away that they, […]