Mar 25

Signs You’ve Become a Complete Food Dork

Jackson got a Fresh Market, and we inspected it yesterday. I’d gotten spoiled by all the Whole Foods locations in Atlanta, and lamented not having access to sashimi grade fish, a bakery with real buttercream, European Butter, fresh mozz, etc.

I wandered around in sensory overload, numbed by Easter Egg radishes, blown away that they, too, thought there were greens other than Collards fit for eating.

Soon, we’d walked past the bakery and gelato, and Matthew (with an understated flourish) gestured towards the cheese section. To be fair, our local Kroger has a surprisingly kick-ass cheese station, but there are a few things pointedly missing from their assortment.

That’s when I saw it. Directly behind my dear husband’s hand, there was a huge wheel with a particularly distinctive font decorating its rind.


I could lie and say I was excited.

To be entirely honest, I jumped up and down, flapped my hands and squawked in such an unseemly fashion, people must have thought Matthew proposed to me with a gigantic wheel of cheese. Lottery Jackpot winners comport themselves with more dignity and grace. Matthew, bless him, did not suddenly pretend I was some cheese-fetishizing maniac stranger.

When I am gone from this world, I hope I am remembered as the girl who’d turn somersaults for a fine wheel of cheese.

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  1. Good cheese and bacon are always worth it.

  2. But it’s lovely to be made happy by small things. You spend more of your life joyful and delighted. (Also, you paint hilarious and excellent mental images. There are things I get that way over too.)

  3. Mmmm…. cheese. I need to do some exploring of our local cheesemongers now that I have wheels again.

  4. mmm, i love locatelli. i love cheese in general.

    now i want cheese.

  5. So, where is this lovely cheese-fest? Our Kroger over on this side of town has a REALLY good cheese section for a supermarket, but I’m always up fer new cheese!

  6. OMG! I found your blog. *stalks*

    Yes, Cheese and wine can make me so blissful, my husband fears he will never be able to satisfy me again.

  7. I do the same for Reblechon. Cheese geeks FTW!

  8. Ellis, The Fresh Market is out on Highland Colony at the new Renaissance complex. They’re a chain, so you can find their website and everything via Google. Artisan bread, an honest to goodness put your meat in paper butcher, gorgeous vegetables, sushi bar, fancy sodas, craft your own 6-pack for beer, etc. etc.

    In my experience, the newly remodeled/in-progress. I-55 Frontage Road Kroger puts every single Kroger in Jackson to shame in every regard, especially the cheese station. The cheese folks encourage sampling, to boot, as long as you’re there during their normal business hours (before 7pm, I believe).

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