Apr 7


We actually have power and intarwebz.

Here’s what happened in our neighborhood. Most of the trees around here start branching out well over the tops of our houses, so a lot of these pictures don’t accurately portray the soul-crippling magnitude of these downed limbs.


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  1. wow. just…damn.
    I’m so glad you and the animals are ok, and so sorry your home and yard are thrashed.

  2. I’m relieved that you and your family and fur family are alright, though I’m sorry that your home and yard and potting table are thrashed. That poor crepe myrtle!!

    At this distance, not sure I can be of any help. Would go find the biggest chainsaw ever and come on over if I could. As I cannot, if I can do something to help — chocolate care package? — please let me know. HUGE hugs

  3. So, essentially, the tornado moved the trees, and it was the trees that caused the damage. Moving trees are considered “earth movement,” and so your home owners’ insurance won’t cover the damage? Is that right?


  4. And just in case you wanted to see the innards of what caused all the damage:

    more in the gallery

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