May 10

Through the Thicket

For years, I have been waging war against wild, barren brambles that have overtaken a section of my yard. I yank them up, only to have then defiantly crop up again, hardier than ever. For midsummer last year, I had the intention of uprooting them forever. I had grand plans to weave the strands into […]

Sep 4

More Fun than a Barrel of Chihuahuas

I keep a regular sitting practice. This means that at least once a day, and as often as possible, I sit and surrender fully to the whirlwind that is my life. I don’t try to fight the to-do list, the inevitable tumbleweed of pet fur, the idea that after several years I should somehow be […]

Sep 24

Benefit for JPD Officer & Capoeirista Ivory “Magia” Harris

Our friend and Capoeira instructor, Officer Ivory Harris, is with the Jackson Police Department, 3rd Precinct.  His apartment caught fire several days ago through a faulty electrical outlet and he lost everything, including his beloved Teacup Chihuahua,  BeeGee.  Officer Harris not only protects the City of Jackson but he donates his time and energy to […]

Apr 14

My Birthday: Best Caturday Ever.

On May 2nd, I turn thirty-six. I’m not upset or mopey about it. Honestly, it feels more like turning twelve because ZOMG, we are getting two, count ‘em, two wall-kitties for my birthday. KITTIES!!! are by far one of the cooler birthday presents I’ve received, but to be honest, I’m not so big on stuff […]

Apr 7

Adopt Hemi!

Hemi is a gorgeous shorthaired, polydactyl blue-grey MILA (Mom I’d Like to Adopt). She was rescued via In Defense of Animals, and soon gave birth to a single kitten, Junior. Hemi must’ve had a larger family in mind because she accepted each and every wallcat as her own, and has been fiercely protective of her […]

Apr 6

Junior has a forever home!

Junior is about 7-10 days behind the Wallcats, but he’s bigger by far than any of the others. He’s a polydactyl black-n-white emo kid with a fierce white goatee and fingerless gloves. His head is football-shaped, even Stewie Griffin-ish, and he has striking white whiskers in every direction. He and Puff will be heading to […]

Apr 6

Adopt Zeta!

Sad Ending to Zeta’s story:read more Zeta was a beautiful calico with a sweet disposition and a thoroughly endearing habit of sucking on a foot to fall asleep. She was fond of sleeping in impossible, hilarious positions, even with her mouth wide open. We’re told Zeta was more of a cuddle-kitty than a rambunctious adventurer, […]

Apr 6

Our Wallcats

Both of these kids’ll come home with us on my birthday, officially Best Caturday in History.

Mar 30

The Cats in the Walls

For those of you who only read my blog, I owe you a story. Until then, allow me to sum up: a crazy feral  mamacat climbed 10′ UP along our HVAC duct to bear kittens in our attic. The space would’ve been ideal kittennest, save for the steep drop-off that allowed tiny kittens to fall […]

Oct 12

Where I’ve Been

I’ve not been talkative of late. I’ve had some introspective-thinky incidents, and a great deal of work to do. When I get bogged down like this, I generally retreat into a carefully constructed hole of meaningless diversion. It’s not pretty, but it’s the truth. This time, it’s different. There’s so much effort and thought that […]