May 31

Jack Update

They were amazed to find him very stable, bright-eyed, grumpy and hungry this morning.

He goes back in for an EKG on Tuesday, he’s on diuretics and human hypertension meds, he’s shaved in two patches, but they let us bring him home.  He even has a very chic black wristband.

Keep him as stress-free as possible, they said.  Meanwhile, there are several men using nail guns and slamming things on top of our roof, sending our dogs into a frenzy. The roofers have already murdered my Blue Girl rose (Oh, Prince!  How will Appolonia thrive without you!?) and if they continue to slam things into our rooftop, it feels like a window could break.

If we didn’t NEEEEEEEEEEEED a roof, ZOMG liek NOWS, I would send them home.  They stress ME out.

And now, I go and pet Mister Cookie Paws.

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  1. I’m happy to hear the better news, and hope he continues to improve.

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