Apr 29

Sad Wallcat News

RIP Zorro Zeta I’ve been trying to write about this since I got the news on Monday, but it’s been too hard. Wee, sweet Zeta was sickly last week; stopped nursing, and had to be bottle-fed by her tireless foster family. They thought she’d gotten past the worst of it, but she was just too […]

Apr 6

Adopt Zeta!

Sad Ending to Zeta’s story:read more Zeta was a beautiful calico with a sweet disposition and a thoroughly endearing habit of sucking on a foot to fall asleep. She was fond of sleeping in impossible, hilarious positions, even with her mouth wide open. We’re told Zeta was more of a cuddle-kitty than a rambunctious adventurer, […]

Apr 6

Our Wallcats

Both of these kids’ll come home with us on my birthday, officially Best Caturday in History.

Dec 1

Jack, 1992-2008

Jack came home with me in the summer of 1992. I fell in love with the little guy when my aunt showed us her cat’s new kittens. He was stubbular, round-eyed and looked like his belly might burst from glutting himself on milk. Even as a kitten, his paws were ENORMOUS. He looked like he […]

Jun 3


I know Mister Jack Jackity Jack Jack Attack (once and future) Fattycat is feeling a bit more like himself: he managed to jump from the kitchen floor to the countertop, and was thoroughly scouring the last place he saw me with cheese. We sat together and watched Obama make his “Presumptive Nominee” speech in MN, […]

May 31

Jack Update

They were amazed to find him very stable, bright-eyed, grumpy and hungry this morning. He goes back in for an EKG on Tuesday, he’s on diuretics and human hypertension meds, he’s shaved in two patches, but they let us bring him home.  He even has a very chic black wristband. Keep him as stress-free as […]

May 30


Our distinguished gentleman, Mister Jack, is in bad shape. To make a long story short, I noticed his breathing was rapid and shallow and erratic, and we took him to the vet immediately, which was a very good thing. They immediately put him on oxygen, drew a shitload of fluid from his lungs, and generally […]