Jun 24

BtVS vs. Twilight

I’m not big on posting lots of videos, but this one has made my week. It reminds me of all the best about Buffy Summers, and why even a passing glance at Twilight is all, y’know, like GAG ME. Contrasted with Whedon’s Buffy, Edward’s creepiness outshines even his sparkliness.

Buffy’s not perfect (one of Whedon’s strengths), but when it comes to fictitious role models, I wish my sister had more Buffy Summers and less Bella Swans.

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  1. Made my week too! I miss Buffy. Now I want to go rewatch all my dvds. Twilight drives me crazy precisely because Bella’s obsession blinds her so much. Or maybe it reminds me too much of myself in high school (I know Edward reminds me of the controlling boyfriend I had).

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