Sep 18

“Planned Parenthood would like to thank Sarah Palin…”

It’s no surprise Sarah Palin disgusts me: her lying, hypocrisy, ethics, and opinions on reproductive rights can send me into furious, hour-long rants; much less her piss-poor understanding environmental stewardship, her belief that God cares a lot more about war and oil than social programs, and her ignorance to the vital role community organizers play […]

Mar 27

MS Senate’s Sneak Attack on Teens, Families

Planned Parenthood writes: Last week, we defeated the Child Protection Act (which was really a teen endangerment act) in the House, and now the Senate has put the language from that bill in as an amendment on another bill – HB 520. HB 520 punishes parents for having trusting relationships with their teens and pits […]

Oct 5

Deficit Reduction Act Snafu: Keep Birth Control Affordable!

I’d like to take a moment of your Friday to talk about deficit reduction, specifically the Federal Deficit Act of 2005, and how it’s made it difficult to keep college-age and low-income women’s access to health care services, as well as affordable contraception. So, Deirdra, how does the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 affect […]