Jul 5

Love Letter to Mother Mississippi

Dear Mississippi, how should I begin? As a Unitarian Universalist, I can only speak my own truth, which is informed by a deep relationship with the elements. Water: In heavy rain, cats yowling, the lightning in the sky giving me a glimpse of the Chunky River’s churning. A sudden doom fell upon my shoulders: I was moving […]

Mar 30

Why Mississippi?

I live on a dead volcano beside a living serpent of a river. Because of the black earth streaked with red clay and the blood of civil rights heroes; the impossible green of sweet potato vine; the fossilized epic log jam just outside the city; and the Ragnarok-levels of lightning breaking through the storm outside. […]

Mar 18

Confessions of a Former Corporate Goth

I don’t wear a lot of solid black anymore. I got tired of being told I should wear black, because it minimizes… ALL OF THIS, or is flattering by turning you into a non-threatening sort of caftan wearer. When I purchased a professional wardrobe, I made a conscious decision to purchase color, and bright color […]

Feb 24

We Are Not the Shape of the Future

Often, I hear older people complain that today’s youth and young adults are unwilling to work within established organizations, that they’re forcing donors to choose who they fund by creating new organizations… There’s a young person who’s created a model for cleaning the plastic from our oceans. A fourteen year old Taylor Wilson built a […]

Feb 20

Why “F%&@# the South” Will Never Work

People defaced the state of civil rights hero James Meredith last week. Many people had a whole bunch of valid things to say about it, but it’s often the same old song and dance. Someone inevitably starts sounding like FuckTheSouth.com. I am a blue heart in a red state, and this only pisses us off. […]

Apr 6

Our Wallcats

Both of these kids’ll come home with us on my birthday, officially Best Caturday in History.

Sep 18

“Planned Parenthood would like to thank Sarah Palin…”

It’s no surprise Sarah Palin disgusts me: her lying, hypocrisy, ethics, and opinions on reproductive rights can send me into furious, hour-long rants; much less her piss-poor understanding environmental stewardship, her belief that God cares a lot more about war and oil than social programs, and her ignorance to the vital role community organizers play […]

Jun 3


I know Mister Jack Jackity Jack Jack Attack (once and future) Fattycat is feeling a bit more like himself: he managed to jump from the kitchen floor to the countertop, and was thoroughly scouring the last place he saw me with cheese. We sat together and watched Obama make his “Presumptive Nominee” speech in MN, […]

Mar 27

MS Senate’s Sneak Attack on Teens, Families

Planned Parenthood writes: Last week, we defeated the Child Protection Act (which was really a teen endangerment act) in the House, and now the Senate has put the language from that bill in as an amendment on another bill – HB 520. HB 520 punishes parents for having trusting relationships with their teens and pits […]

Oct 5

Deficit Reduction Act Snafu: Keep Birth Control Affordable!

I’d like to take a moment of your Friday to talk about deficit reduction, specifically the Federal Deficit Act of 2005, and how it’s made it difficult to keep college-age and low-income women’s access to health care services, as well as affordable contraception. So, Deirdra, how does the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 affect […]