Apr 1

April Fool’s Day

I loathe this holiday, mostly because people don’t get the difference between righteous pranking and behaving like a childish asshole.  My mother (smartmouthed trickster she was) ascribed to the former school, and chose to die on April Fool’s Day eleven years ago.  It was an appallingly perfect sunny day. Today, it’s a dreary, miserable day, which means it’s perfect tattooing weather.  I’m making an appointment for a tattoo that will serve as a constant reminder of her, and all the things and people in my life that keep me strong.

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  1. Hugs and love to you today, my dearest friend.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen far more pranks go badly than well done pranks myself as well. It’s not my least favorite holiday, but I’m not wild about it either.

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