Oct 26


When I lost my mother in 1997, I felt I’d lost the well from whence I’d sprung. More and more, her friends tell me I remind them of her, how they see her face in mine, how my words hold her steel… It’s enough to give someone a crisis of identity, or at least question […]

Apr 1

April Fool’s Day

I loathe this holiday, mostly because people don’t get the difference between righteous pranking and behaving like a childish asshole.  My mother (smartmouthed trickster she was) ascribed to the former school, and chose to die on April Fool’s Day eleven years ago.  It was an appallingly perfect sunny day. Today, it’s a dreary, miserable day, which […]

May 23

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Dear Mom, Today would have been your fifty-seventh birthday. I’m sure if you were still alive, you would psychically know I just announced how old you were to all the Intarwebz, and you would make a mental note to yell at me the next time you see me for such a heinous transgression. You would […]