Feb 8

Infamous Imbolc Oatcake

I’ve gotten a few requests for the oatcake I made last week. Think of it as the Irish equivalent of cornbread. Think of it as the sacred bread of a goddess-saint. Think of it as breakfast. Think of it as dessert. Think of it on your countertop, steaming defiantly in the face of winter. Feast […]

Jan 22

Fennel with Pearled Barley Risotto

I posted a photo of my dinner to Twitter last night, and enough people asked about it that I thought I’d post a formula. My dear husband is a scientist at heart. He does not understand how I can bear to cook without thoroughly documenting results, but I often do. It’s not that I set […]

Jun 25

My very first food column!

I haven’t been blogging much, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. My first food column ran yesterday in the Jackson Free Press. It’s called Salad Days: Avoiding Lettuce Burnout, and includes recipes for a deconstructed pesto salad and a cookout-friendly Grilled Caesar. If you’re so inclined, please login and leave feedback!

Apr 30

Tattoo + Jasmine Green Tea shortbread

Last night, I made a variation of Habeas Brulee‘s  Tea Cookies.  Instead of the oolong she used, I went with jasmine green tea.  I also used orange flower-scented sugar to coat the cookies, because I love flowers in food.  My miniature citrus plants are blooming for the very first time (they’re about four years old […]

Dec 17

Mahogany Fire Noodles

Victor Sodsook calls this Kwaytiow Sen Yai Phat Phrik Sod Kap See-Eu Wan. I call it dangerously tasty. WARNING: If you have rivet-goggles, swimmer’s goggles, or any sort of protective eyewear that will spare you the sensation of being maced in the face, I suggest you wear them. I wear German Welder’s goggles:  friends can […]

Oct 9

I’m a saucy minx in the … kitchen.

Why, yes: that is a 211-calorie, poached seckel pear atop an island of ooey dark chocolate, and surrounded by a reduction of its poaching liquid (red wine.)This could very well be the most sophisticated, schmancy sex-ass dessert I’ve ever made, and it was ABSURDLY simple. To prove that haute eats can sometimes be born in […]