Mar 18

Confessions of a Former Corporate Goth

I don’t wear a lot of solid black anymore. I got tired of being told I should wear black, because it minimizes… ALL OF THIS, or is flattering by turning you into a non-threatening sort of caftan wearer. When I purchased a professional wardrobe, I made a conscious decision to purchase color, and bright color […]

May 22

Migratory Nest Returns to Jackson

The coolest thing just happened. Erica text messaged me to say that a friend of hers had come into the tattoo shop, and was wearing a bird’s nest necklace. E. asked if it was one of mine, and the girl said she didn’t know who this Deirdra person was, but EVERYONE asks her that. She […]

May 13

Busy, Busy Bird!

Here’s a peek at some of my more recent work.

May 2

Stage Three!

I need to get more pictures of it, but here’s the latest works.

Apr 30

Tattoo + Jasmine Green Tea shortbread

Last night, I made a variation of Habeas Brulee‘s  Tea Cookies.  Instead of the oolong she used, I went with jasmine green tea.  I also used orange flower-scented sugar to coat the cookies, because I love flowers in food.  My miniature citrus plants are blooming for the very first time (they’re about four years old […]

Apr 28

Mother’s Day

I have two more jewelry slots available before Mother’s Day.  If you’d like to commission some wearable art for your mom, hit me at Moms love nests filled with as many eggs as they have children!

Apr 19

Round Two!

I went in last night for two hours so Erica could start the color on the flowers. The iris was first, and it’s stunning. It looks like it could rustle with the slightest breeze. The iris is for my grandmother, and I can’t wait to send the photos to her. The lotus was much less […]

Apr 10

I’m outlined and stuff

Last night, Matthew and I went over to the Ink Spot to see what Erica Flannes had worked up for me. I’d given her concept art, but I am not so much of an artist, so I made sure to include photos, lest I end up with a gigantic vulva instead of an Iris. What […]

Apr 1

It’s settled

Apr 1

This is no April Fool’s joke.

I got a little crazy with the hair dye last night. First, I took Fire Engine Red FOR DARK HAIR ONLY highlight kit, and coated the underlayer of my haircut. Then I threw in a couple of streaks. Then, I filled in the rest with Torrids’ Audacious Red. That’s when I started getting nervous and […]