Feb 26

On Asking for the Things We Need

I’m A Yoga Teacher And I Still Need Help In Class. [context] Once you’ve gone through your 200 hour yoga teacher training, your hardcore anatomy, paid your insurance and RYT fees, you sometimes begin to feel like you Should Know Stuff, that you should be in advanced classes, that your ability to demonstrate xyz poses […]

Sep 12


I’ve gotten a lot of officious people off the street, in my classes, who feel it’s their right and obligation to come up to me and tell me there are WAYS of getting rid of my weight. What I’d rather be rid of was their projected judgment, sanctimony, and amazed wonder.

Feb 3

Practice makes Perfectly Imperfect

I’m more “on the wagon” with practice within my disciplines these days (yoga, writing, This Thing We Do), mainly because Some Fairly Serious Stuff is happening in Deirdraland and I need my full toolbox at-the-ready. One of the most powerful teachings in my life comes from the Pratyabhijna-hrdayam, (if you can find it and are […]

Oct 12

Where I’ve Been

I’ve not been talkative of late. I’ve had some introspective-thinky incidents, and a great deal of work to do. When I get bogged down like this, I generally retreat into a carefully constructed hole of meaningless diversion. It’s not pretty, but it’s the truth. This time, it’s different. There’s so much effort and thought that […]